Weekend in Logan

While everyone else in the entire world it seems was at City Creek, watching Hunger Games, or at Festival of Colors, I went to Logan.

I miss Logan. Oh the good times.

We revisited The Island Market for a Diet Coke and some penny candy.
 Where, while taking a very unexciting picture, of my Diet Coke and penny candy...
I also got a nice shot of the posterior of our mostly attractive cashier.

Have you been to Tandoori Oven in Logan?
Don't let the fact that is in inside the gas station fool you. It is the BEST Indian food I have ever tasted!

What do you do for a good time in Logan after that?
 Well obviously you stalk you friends, hippy co-worker.

We found his lovely Ford Festiva and got out for a picture. Because we are creepy like that.

Best quote of the night was by me: "Pretty sure I still owe THAT library one Ricky Martin CD."

Oh and...

Me: "I am just really sad that certain land marks have been destroyed."
Kay: "Like what?"
Me: "Like that Jo Ann fabrics is no longer in a barn. I mean when did we start needing floors in our stores around here? And why are they serving gellato in the building the housed the old ghetto DI? Some progress I cannot accept! "

I had a blast hanging out with Kay and basically cruising main street, as everything we thought of do to was in Providence, then North Logan, Providence again etc.

Miss that town, miss that girl. Thanks for a great weekend!

Oh and there is another Festival of Colors in two weeks in SLC if anyone, I doubt it, missed out and wants to go with us. I am also up for City Creek, when the crowds die down, and Hunger Games from the Redbox. (Because I am cheap like that.) 

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