a sort of confession

I have a problem. I get very emotionally involved in movies. When I watch Anne of Avonlea and she keeps telling Gilbert no I get all upset and I yell at the TV that she is an idiot and he loves her and she just needs to say yes and start being the happiest girl alive because any girl watching that movie would trade places with her in a heart beat and we would all say yes the first time.

When I watch Pride and Prejudice I get so involved in Miss Bennett and Mr. Darcy's relationship that I can barely handle watching the show. "You are both so in love with each other" I scream. Stop being so whatever you are and kiss each others face off! Then they do and it is real good! But think of all the time these people would save if they just listened to me!

However for me, the movie that I watch and can't get over is Gone With the Wind. In the end when Rhett walks out I am literally yelling at the screen "You love her, and she loves you, and she needs you and she knows it!!!! Just turn around and run back to her and live happily ever after.

I need to be in control of these peoples lives... seriously. Um and could someone please be in control of mine? Thanks.


  1. I'm game; what should I do with MY life? Tell me, please!

  2. I do the same - I get toooo into the movies!!

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  3. Oh no! I have a hard time being in control when i watch Gone With the Wind too. There is just something about those two. They are perfect for each other. Almost too perfect. I cry every time, and yet, I can't stop watching it over and over and over again.