Utah... back in the 801!

I miss Jersey

I miss Jersey like a lot

I mean a lot a lot

You know how typically when you come home from a trip you just can't wait to be home? Well I really struggled with coming back. It didn't help that we came home right in the middle of a huge snow storm when the day before I had been here:
But I know this is where the Lord wants me right now. I also know that there are good people, and amazing adventures to be had anywhere. So today while I was once again feeling the crushing weight of missing all that is Jersey creep back into my heart I made this list.

Why I heart Utah:
Caffeine free pop
Free parking in the city
Wide roads and sensible addresses
Access to a temple really whenever I want to go
Public restrooms
Mountains and easy access to them
Extended family near by

Please add to this list.. I really do love living here.


  1. - Cafe Rio
    - Temple Square in the wintertime
    - beautiful mountains
    - customer service
    - nice cops
    - access to church resources and materials
    - tha ability to go to the Doctor without worrying about your skivvies.

  2. -an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies in the summer sold at every random stand around
    -bonfires up a canyon at the drop of a hat
    -acting a fool cause there is nothing else to do when you are mormon
    -going to parties and never having to worry about peer pressure
    -knowing that there are others around you that don't want to watch the rated R movie either
    -really really beautiful spring. summer and fall seasons