Bank Boyfriend 2.0

I quit Wells Fargo bank years ago. I am almost certain Satan is the proprietor of that banking institution. However, my new fabulous company banks there and I have to take large checks in for deposit. WE build VERY nice homes and so I deposit VERY large checks semi frequently.

I was starting to be recognized when I went into the bank. Then one day I arrived at the counter and one of the managers was at the counter. He wanted to be all professional and call to verify every check I had over 25,000. I stood there forever thinking, "doesn't he know who I am?" I know, I'm that girl now. He wasn't very nice and I could tell you the entire story here, but my fingers are still taped together and typing is hard #firstworldproblems, I know.

Anyway, When I made it back to the office I told the boss men I didn't like how I was treated. A call was made and now every time I walk in they greet me by name and I get the royal treatment. There is one teller in particular who makes extra strides with me and we like to chat and laugh together. I may have developed a small crush on him.

So obviously I was trying to facebook stalk him. I tried finding him by looking up his branch. I was hoping that maybe someone with his first named would have liked the branch and then I'd be able to figure out who he was and stalk him.

I laughed out loud when I saw this. No one likes Wells Fargo, that seems about right.

I finally found him yesterday and Sam and I stalked him. He is perfect: LDS, likes the Institute at the U, Profile picture with his adorable mom, picture of him sailing. Guys he is probably the love of my life. UNTIL. I saw that he returned from his mission in 2012. He is a baby. So there go all my hopes and dreams.

Time to find a new bank boyfriend. I wonder if Chase has anyone for me?

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