Round of Confessions

I can’t stand the smell of Subway. It smells so bad. If I want Subway I have to get it from somewhere where the store is part of a bigger store, so the smell isn't as strong. I can walk past a stranger and tell instantly if they have been to subway that day. That smells sticks like glue. Ugh!

I love drinking songs. Amanda and I have a list that we enjoy. Her ringtone on my phone is a clip of our favorite one. I don’t even care. Add it to my list of favorite sins. You can judge us if you want, totally cool. I’d judge me.

I have given up speeding, for the most part, so there is room on the favorite sin list. That is how it works right?

Sometimes I put people on friendship timeout. Don’t smother me. I will smother you when it is convenient for me.

I have a favorite in my primary class. I wish I could take him home and keep him forever. He is far from the best behaved child in my class.

People ask me what diet I am on when they notice my weight loss. How do I tell them that I really just eat a lot of air popped popcorn? Oh and I cut out Diet Coke. That never lasts as long as I wish it did though. I am an addict in true form, but am trying to change that.

Apparently when you delete pictures from google+ it also deletes them everywhere else they appear in google.... Like on your blog. So my blog looks a little disheveled right now.  I'll fix it. I promise. I also need to add some people to the Cast of Characters tab... So you know who Amanda is.

For now just know she is a new bestie, and I am corrupting her in all the best ways. 

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