Online Dating (My 24 hour venture)

The other night Kyle A was over. He is the king of LDS dating websites. He actually meets good ones from time to time that I really like. In fact I am trying to get him to be more serious about a current one that I really like. But he never listens to me.

Anyway... One of my favorite things is to use Tinder for him on his phone. I pull it up and deny all the girls who aren't wearing enough clothes, or I don't deam to be his type, or that are trying too hard. It is fun for us. The other night he was on a different site where you answer like a zillion questions and it gives you your top matches based on  how you answer then shows you a percentage.

We signed me up mostly because I wanted to see if it would match me up with my bestie.
There he is 86% match! And... 16% Enemies. He messaged me about it. I should have taken a screen shot of that before I deleted my account.

Kyle: So 16% Enemies huh?
Me: That seems low.

Ha. I just like my Kyle a lot. Seriously.

One more thing... for Kate...
Sorry Triman. That's a deal breaker for me. If you can't be gassy what do you have? Certainly not love.

Moral of the story. I deleted my account. Kyle really is the greatest thing on there. Why he isn't the hottie of the online dating world I don't know but I already *have him. So no dating site needed.

P.S. These guys need to be more original. Almost every single message I received said something about my smile and called me angel. They obviously don't know me too well. Seriously.

*By HAVE I mean I have access to his stellar friendship... Unless he is on a hot date.

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  1. I cannot bring myself to sign up for online dating. I just can't.